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‘Egos and ethics clash in this compelling UK premiere... smart, incisive and elegantly written.’

The Stage

‘Extremely powerful and important.’

Theatre and Tonic

‘Gripping and thought provoking.’

North West End

‘A must see of current theatre.’

Curtain Call Reviews

‘Truly fascinating... the cast is incredible.’

Lost in Theatreland

‘Sparkling dialogue and strong performances.’

A Young-ish Perspective

‘Fantastic.. the all-male cast are exceptionally talented.’

Everything Theatre

‘Riveting, timely, and so resonant.’

London Theatre

It’s the close of World War II – the dawn of the atomic age. The Allies have captured Germany’s ten foremost nuclear scientists and sequestered them deep in the English countryside to discover the answer to a life or death question: how close are the Nazis to making an atomic bomb?

Based on actual transcripts of secretly recording conversations and telling the other side of the Oppenheimer story, Alan Brody’s award-winning play delves into the darkest corners of human ingenuity. Filled with explosive possibilities, Operation Epsilon shines a light on the ethical complexity of scientific discovery… and its potential for catastrophic consequences.

Directed by Andy Sandberg and featuring an exceptional ensemble of 11 actors, this gripping, once-classified true story makes its U.K. premiere at Southwark Playhouse Elephant.

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Operation Epsilon · 2023